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Friday, May 29, 2009

June Deal-a Day Specials

A different deal each and every day!!!! But only on MyCTMH websites-a fabulous product special available only that day. WOW!!!!! CTMH can come up with some SWEET DEALS. Now here is the low down: There are TWO types of offers: Free items with any single My Acrylix stamp set purchase (K-size and Stamp of the Month are excluded) and loaded goodie boxes for a savings of at least 50% on retired favorites and a few current items, including stamp sets, paper packets, and a wide variety of embelishments, plus FANTASTIC SHIPPING DISCOUNTS.


Beginning at 9:00 am (MT) or 10:00 am here in Oklahoma...each day, a new offer runs for a full 23 hours (deals are updated between 8-9 am each morning (MT). You will have plenty of time to take advantage of these deals so take advantage of the full 23 hour window so you don't slow down the shopping experience. There is plenty of inventory levels of all items. So remember... starting June 1-30 stop by my website to see the Deal-a-Day Special and HAPPY SHOPPING!

So just click on June Deal-a-day Specials above to go straight to my website and check out those DEALS

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mini Album from Scrap Happy Okies Retreat

Page 4-5
Page 2-3

Front on image to view larger picture

Here is a mini album we did at the retreat. Everything is CTMH except the closure which is from w.mart (you can't see it..little round velcro sticky back closures). Paper is Enchanted paper pack Lv 2, CTMH Button, Brads, Oval CLip, White Daisy Ribbon, Vineyard Berry Ribbon, and Sunflower Embroidery Floss on the button...Hope you enjoy! OOPS..they are not in order..SORRY..anyway, they are of my boys when they were little.....Thanks for looking..OOPS again..I don't know how to rotate them. I am getting a pain in my neck looking at them...heehee

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Scaredy Cat NO MORE!!!

Thanks everyone for the comments...I not a scaredy cat anymore...hee hee...this is actually a lot of fun....Have to get ready for work . When I get off from the store tonight I will work on some of the layouts we did at retreat. As soon as I get them done I will post them. Have a great day.

Layout for Scrap Happy Okies Retreat 5-15-09

Here is the layout I did for the retreat. Everything is CTMH. Paper from the Sweet Harmony Lv 2 Paper Packet and Stickease. Dimensional Alphas, Rhinestone Flowers from the Connection Club, and I used Black Exclusive ink for distressing and Amethyst on the Alphas. The other letters in Amelia Faith are from the Stickease. It is hard to see but I added Liquid Glass to the A and the F and a Rhinestone flower to the tip of the letters. The only cardstock used was for the base pages. Oh..and I also used the Summer Posies w/Rhinestone flowers in center and New England Ivy Ribbon on the stickease tags

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Had to add Kayde's graduation picture

Thought I would add Kayde's graduation picture before I stopped playing around on here. Practice makes perfect so they say..LOL..good night all.

Good Morning

Well...I tried to get some pics on here after work but my wonderful photo printer did not want to cooperate with me so it might go out the it will have to wait till I can get to Wally World or Alcos to get pics print....Sorry!!! Hope your day has been going better than mine has.
Oh well..its a new day. Have a good one...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Playing around again

Good afternoon..thought I would play around again before I am off to work. Added a few more things. I added music last night..hope you like it..I love this music. I love my country music too, so I will be adding that later. Anyway, I will stop ramblin...and off to work I go. I will be working on getting some pics added to night of layouts we did at the retreat...wish me luck.

Good Morning

I have been playing with this most of the night...Mary, THANK YOU...for your help...I am getting this figured out...almost lost my computer...(it almost went out the window) HEE HEE HEE. But I am getting there. I will work on getting pics posted later...Have a good day, I have to get up in a few hours and go to work. Been off for a few days. The Scrap Happy Okies (which I am proud to say I am one of) did a retreat this past weekend with over 80 women and consultants. We had a blast. Got lots of layouts done, gave away alot of prizes and learned alot of new tips and techniques. This is our 2nd year to do this and it was great. Can't wait for next year. Well I will close this for now...beddy bye time..I miss my

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello and Welcome To My Blog

Hi everyone,
Please excuse the mess, I am under construction and may need some help. Any suggestions would be helpful..I have taken a giant leap into the unknown here. I am going to try this out, never done anything like this before. I have not even tried to post pictures on our BB yet. Just learning how to get them on here. So have patients with me and I will get it soon...LOL..I love looking at everyones blogs and I am so glad to finally see everyone from CTMH doing a blog.
So now I am going to try my hand at it....

My problem is getting the pictures from the camera to the computer...can't find the right place to hook up. But I will get it figured out eventually. So on that note I will get off the computer so I can find my cords to hook up...Have a great day everyone.